Frontera  Brad Michael Berry
As Cool As I Am  Justin Max Mayer
Spring Break 83  Dance Double Mars Callahan / Scott Spiegel
Naked Fear  Principal/Dave Thom Eberhardt
The Astronaut Farmer  Day Player/Double Michael Polish
Swing Vote  Day Player Joshua Michael Stern
In theValley of Elah  Day Player Paul Haggis
Once Upon a Time in the Hood  Day Player Don FauntLeRoy
Wild Hogs  Day Player Walt Becker
Transformers  Day Player Michael Bay
Beerfest  Day Player Jay Chandrasekhar
Trade  Day Player Marco Kreuzpaintner
Doubting Thomas  Day Player Mark Blutman


Castle  CoStar/Daniel Bardot ABC Television
Manhatten  Co-Star/MP#8 ATOM Productions Inc.
NCIS  McGee Double CBS/Paramount Network Television
In Plain Sight / Season 1  Day Player/Busboy NBC Universal Television
The Sarah Connor Chronicles  Day Player/Student David Nutter
Wildfire - Season IV - Episode 1  Day Player/Busboy Lions Gate Television
Wildfire - Season III - Episode's 1,2,4 & 5  Day Player/Club Patron Lions Gate Television
Wildfire - Season II - Episode's 4 & 7  Day Player/Skateboarder Lions Gate Television
In Plain Sight  Day Player NBC Universal Television
Three Wise Guys  Day Player/Traveler Lions Gate Television
Wildfire - Pilot  Day player Lions Gate Television
In From the Night  Day Player/Stand In Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions


Burger King "BBQ is BACK!/Chipotle"  Principal-Astronaut Talent Solutions o/b/o Mother
Burger King "$1 Frozen Lemonade"  Principal-Dancing $1 Talent Solutions o/b/o Mother
Burger King “Burger Fest”  Principal Performer Talent Solutions o/b/o Mother
Census "2010"  Principal Talent Entertainment & Media
Above the Influence / PSA  Principal Partnership Drub Free America
Charter Cable   Billy Rebecca Elise Productions
Motorolla  Dancer Duo Films

Theater (Partial List)

Lovers and Other Strangers  Lead/Hal Public Academy For Performing Arts
Phantom Of The Soap Opera  Lead/Phantom Rio Rancho Community Theatre
Give My Regards To Broadway  Co-Star/Eddie Cowles Rio Rancho Community Theatre


The Mugging  Victim Tin Box Productions  Lead/Jack Quantum Film Productions


Gary Zuckerbrod Special EVENT Workshop @ AIA  Gary Zuckerbrod
Scott David Acting Workshop @ AIA  Scott David
Teens Fast Track Acting Class  Price Hall
Acting Workshop  Darlene Hanson
On-Camera Film Audition Workshop  Toni Cobb Brock
Audition Workshop  Kathy Brink
Audition Technique For Film And Television  Tom Schuch
Improvisational Technique  Michael Lloyd


University Of New Mexico  Karen Price
Public Academy For Performing Arts  Karen Price
1)Millennium, 2)Debbie Reynolds, 3)The Edge 


Dancer (Hip Hop, Pop Locking, Robot, etc.) 
Beat Boxing 
Martial Arts, Tai Kwon Doe, MMA, Etc. 
Weight Training, Personal Trainer 
Weapons Training (High Caliber, .45,.40,9mm,Etc.) 
Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Etc. 
Racing & Drifting Cars, Restoring/Fixing up cars 
Skateboarding, Roller Blades 

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